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Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line
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Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line
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  • Model: Thin Blue Line Bracelet
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Our Thin Blue Line Skate Lace Bracelet is a special one. We hope that in a time filled with so much hatred and uncertainty that this bracelet will represent unity. It's time we all come together and once again find kindness and love in our hearts. Black skate lace surrounding the Blue inner lace with Matte Black closure is the perfect way to show your support of the men and women who work to protect us every single day.

UPDATE: We were able to donate $300 to C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors) because of all of you! Thank you so much for your support surrounding this cause!

**Bonus - This bracelet also represents a range of NHL and youth hockey team colors!


  • Black, Blue, Black Lace with Blue Specks
  • Waxed Skate Laces
  • Matte Black Magnetic Slide Closure


Our Thin Blue Line bracelet is available in Kids, Regular and Large sizes. We highly recommend measuring your wrist before placing your order! Our bracelets have a very small amount of stretch (just like a normal skate lace, as they're worn and used the laces with stretch a little and "relax" in form to fit your wrist).

Sizes: Kids 6.25 inches | Regular 7.25 inches | Large 8.25 inches

**Because our bracelets are handmade please allow for about 1\4 inch fluctuation in sizing.

Good To Know

Our bracelets are extremely durable - three layers of skate lace reinforced to give you the strongest bracelet possible. Our bracelets are water resistant (think a typical skate lace - they get wet over and over from ice shavings) however we do not suggest submerging them for extended periods of time - so If you go for a swim, probably better to take it off!

**Please do not leave young children unattended with their Skate Lace Bracelet