Imagine having everything you need for going to the College of your dreams all at your fingertips. Now imagine having all of this, PLUS a person dedicated to helping you every single step of the way. Meet Carla and the Women's College Hockey Recruiting LLC process!

My name is Carla Pentimone and I played hockey for the UW- Badgers. We won a couple of National Titles and I was able to play a bit with the US Women's national team USA U18 team. 

With the growth of women's hockey, I felt the need to help female hockey players with the recruiting process. My drive and passion for academics, youth and the community lead me to assist female hockey players navigate the route to College Hockey, and is where I offer my highest efforts and dedication - I feel it is truly my purpose to help these girls. 

My Company, WCHR (Women's College Hockey Recruiting LLC) Includes:

 -Marketing to College Ice Hockey Programs

-Continuous efforts to achieve the best college placement via personal phone calls, texts and emails on behalf of the student-athlete

-Assistance in arranging and coordinating Official and Unofficial Visits with College Coaches -College Application Essay Assistance -Virtual Fitness Training and Training Manuals

-Enhanced Coach Contact Information

-Improved SEO Athlete Search Ranking -Exclusive Exposure Opportunities for Athletes

As a personal hockey family advisor, I offer one-on-one individualized weekly assistance with my student-athletes. I act as the “go-to” person for the client. I work closely with the parents/guardians and the player to assist in fulfilling athletic and academic goals. I create individual packages for each player and tailor the package to their specific goals and needs. Most importantly, for my student-athletes, I will ultimately find the perfect fit. My ongoing close relationships with many prominent NCAA DI, DIII, ACHA and USport Coaches through North America allow me to work as a liaison via text, even during the uncertainty of COVID-19. This has been a key factor in my success in placing girls throughout the hockey world. In signing on with me, I will use all tools and resources to achieve the goals of the players and their families.

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